Yeedi Mop Station

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Yeedi Mop Station Redefine Floor Cleaning with Built-In  Mop Washing Machine


a robot mop with a built-in washing machine for your mops. It delivers effective mopping performance and washes the mopping pads automatically when they get dirty. Moreover, this model also vacuums seriously with 2500Pa strong suction power. It is an ideal choice for people live in big houses or in search of truly hands-free floor cleaning experiences.  

Daya Vacuum: 2500Pa
Mop: Dual-Power Spin Mopping
Tekanan Pel: 10 N
Station Power: 70 watt
Kapasitas Tangki Air: 3.5L × 2 Water Tank
Vacuum and Mop: Yes
Navigasi: Visual Mapping VSLAM
Jam Kerja: 180mins
Auto-Charge and Resume: Yes
Sensors: Anti Jatuh / Anti-Collision / Carpet Detection / Auto-Avoidance
Koneksi: Wi-Fi
Aplikasi: Yes
Mode Pembersihan: Auto-Clean, Area Clean and Customized Clean
Pengaturan Pembatasan: Virtual boundary and no-mopping boundary (via app)
Voice Control: Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant, Yandex Alice

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