Zikko AirStation Wireless Charger AS100

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Dual power wireless charging, Omnibearing charging.

The new fast Zikko AirStationt wireless charging station is elegant and practical
it can offer wireless charging for iPhone X, iPhone 8/Plus and Samsung Note 8/S8 in flat, horizontal or vertical positions. It supports up to 10W double-coil radio transmitting power, without contacting any fixed position. Importantly, it can serve as a scaffold that supports all iPads.

Model:  AS100

Product bar codeļ¼šBlack  4897054525148

Type:Faster Wireless Charger

Input: 9V 1.67A / 5V 2A

Output : 9V 1.2A / 5V 1A

Power: 10W/ 5W

Frenquency: 105-205Khz

Conversion Efficiency: 70%>

Launch distance: 2-8mm

Weight: 113g

Packing quantity: 100PCS/Box

Size: φ71.5*135.5*9.5mm  

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